"Dr Lim has worked in the capacity of a part time designated factory doctor for Shell Health Singapore at our Bukom Refinery and also at our chemicals plant in Seraya, during the period 2006 to as recently as Feb 2009.

When I am called away from the clinic in Bukan, Dr Lim will stand in for me and treats patients in a clinical and occupational health capacity, as well as attends to emergency cases when the need arises.

Our good experience with Dr Lim has found him to be responsible and reliable in his duties, pleasant when dealing with patients, and knowledgeable in terms of clinical and occupational health matters. He is easy to work with and has gotten along well with my staff when he is on duty.

I wish him well in his further endeavors."

Dr Mark Ng
Occupational Health Physician
Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte. Ltd.


"We are writing this letter to commend you on the good medical and customer service that you and your staff have been extending to our employees.

We have been working closely for the past ten years and we are very pleased with your service. We have been receiving very positive feedback about you being a friendly and personal doctor. In fact quite a number of our employees have become your friends. This is something that does not happen at most clinics and we are certainly impressed.

Keep it up and we certainly look forward to many more years of medical expertise from you."

Selena Ong
Human Resource & Administration Manager
J.Ray McDermott Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.



"Leelloyds Marine Engineering Pte Ltd has been utilizing the medical services provided by Dr Lim Yeeu Kuang of Trinity Medical Services for the past 4 years. These services includes:

  • Provision of medical care to employees
  • Advise to the Management with regards to employees health and fitness
  • Advise to the Management on policies in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Travel & Vaccination Advice

Throughout these years, we find that Dr Lim has always performed his duties with a high level of professionalism, efficiency and integrity. We place a high regard to Dr Lim's advice and are highly satisfied with the quality of service provided by Trinity Medical Services.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Dr Lim to any company or parties who are interested in engaging his service."

Admin/Finance Department
Leelloyds Marine Engineering Pte. Ltd.



"Since coming on board as our company's designated workplace safety and health doctor, Dr Lim has displayed professionalism in the medical treatment he rendered to your employees. He is also able to meet our corporate requirements on Injury and Illness Management and align to our reporting structure.

Some of the services which we would to comment are:

Noise/Audiometry review
Dr Lim has shown good knowledge in the Singapore and US requirements. He was able to provide a diagnosis on the worker's hearing condition. In addition he went an extra mile in verifying past NID cases and provides a clear explanation in the decisions made.

Review of Return to Work program
Dr Lim provides beneficial return-to-work recommendations to both the ill/injured employee and the management, allowing ill/injured employee to return to work as soon as they have the work capacity.

24hr house-call service
Dr Lim responded to the house-call within the time-frame.

Dr Lim has been very helpful and responsive in providing the required health care to our employees. It has been a pleasant experience working with Dr Lim.

Thank you."

Turbine Overhaul Services Pte. Ltd.



"Thank you for always taking care of our customers.

Since known your company, your high quality service extended to our clients has never failed in making us satisfied-reachable 24/7, reliable, flexible and friendly.

We are always confident in your wonderful professional service meeting with our customer's high expectation.

We hope to keep maintaining our close collaboration."

Shinich TAJIMA
Emergency Assistance Japan (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.



"Thank you for providing such execellent care to our family. We have been beyond thrilled with your outstanding service and medical expertise. Knowing you are just a phone call away gives us tremendous peace of mind. We hope to refer many friends and colleagues your way! "

Karla, Jake & Daniel



"Trinity Housecall is staffed with dedicated and experienced physicians, who are not only competent and compassionate, but also go the extra mile of ensuring that their patients receive the best available care.

Coupled with Trinity Housecall's extensive network of medical and surgical specialists, patients requiring specialist care get seamless, appropriate and expeditious care 24/7.

I have found doctors from Trinity Housecall to be reliable and consistently highly professional, and always placing best care and well-being of their patients utmost
in their priorities."

Dr Teoh Tiong Ann,
General Surgeon
Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore



"Anyone with children knows that kids often get sick at the worst time. my own children have fallen ill during the night or on Sundays more times that I can count. I tend to them the best I can, yet inside I am anxiously counting the hours before the doctor's office opens.

Since finding Trinity Housecall, I do not have that worry. I simply make a phone call and a qualified is at my house within an hour. I have been lucky enough to always get the same doctor, so he knows my family and my children's medical history by now. He is friendly, competent and able to deliver medication on the spot.

Thankfully, Trinity Housecall isn't just for children. Recently my father came to visit us in Singapore. The day before we were leaving for a holiday in Vietnam, he realised that he had left vital medication at home. i simply called Trinity Housecall, and they delivered my dad's medication the very same day. And this was a Sunday."

Camille Mazo,
France - Expact Living Magazine



"When we arrived in Singapore from Malaysia, the children were transferred from lycee Francais de Kuala Lumpur to the sister school here. A medical check-up was compulsory, so we contacted Trinity Housecall. We arranged with Dr Sebastian Kwan for the check-ups to take place at our place.

He became our regular doctor for all sorts of daily ailments – which as you can expect, are common with three lively children; everything from ingrown toenails to migraines. While riding a bike, I fell and hit my head against a concrete ditch. Again, Dr Kwan acted swiftly to suture my face at home, with remarkable results. After one week, the stitches were removed, and you would not know that I'd had the accident.

Another time, he visited our house when one member of the family had unidentified chest pains and high blood pressure. After consultation, he referred us to a specialist hear clinic at Gleneagles Medical Centre.

Dr Kwan is always professional, carrying out skillful examinations on the spot, and with all necessary equipment at hand. It's a very personal and effective service."

Van Den Branden-Stessens family